Hollow Forms

Collaborations with woodturner Mike Jackofsky

Beautiful woodturned bowls by Mike 

adorned with my original pyrographic and ink designs

Woodturning & Woodburning Collaborations

Georgianne  Jackofsky

Georgianne attended New York Institute of Technology, majoring in Art with a concentration in Advertising Design, and subsequently worked in the graphic art field for over 25 years. Georgianne’s quest for artistic freedom would eventually lead her to become a freelance artist specializing in layout and design as well as pen and ink illustration. Her work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, media packaging, and a line of greeting cards. For the past several years, Georgianne has been transferring her creative ideas and illustration techniques to the art of pyrography, burning designs on wood, and in 2013, she began collaborating with her brother-in-law, Mike Jackofsky, a professional woodturner known for his hollow vessels. 

Georgianne has always been drawn to the beauty of geometric shapes. She is particularly influenced by the designs on ancient bowls, cave walls, textiles, medieval manuscripts, and, most notably, maps. She doesn’t sketch her ideas out in advance, nor measure or use a straight edge or ruler, but freehand “draws” each design, letting the shape and grain of each piece of wood influence the design. Each piece is a unique journey.

All her pyrography is done with an Optima 1 Dual Burner pyrography machine. 

Mike Jackofsky

Mike is a professional woodturner from San Diego, CA, specializing in hollow forms, most of which are natural edge pieces made from unique burls, but he also turns bowls, including thin natural-edge open bowls, off-balance asymmetrical pieces, hollow forms with “wings,” and sculptural forms. Over the years Mike has created hundreds of pieces that have been displayed in galleries and museums around the world, including the permanent collections of the Sam Maloof Historical Residence Museum, and the Mingei International Museum. He has won numerous awards, including fifteen first-place awards at the prestigious Design in Wood exhibition. He is a member of the AAW, San Diego Woodturners, and The Furniture Society.

Mike is a well-known teacher and workshop facilitator, and has been the subject of featured articles in numerous magazines. He has also produced a two disc dvd set titled, Woodturning with Mike Jackofsky: Making a Hollow Vessel. His Hollow-Pro brand tools are specially designed for woodturners interested in creating hollow vessels and open bowls. More of Mike's work may be viewed on his Web site.

These woodturning and woodburning collaborations are sold at various exhibits, museums, and galleries. For more information on available pieces and pricing, contact Georgianne or Mike.

You can view Georgianne's and Mike's collaborations at Wood Symphony Gallery.