Friday, September 18, 2020

Small Treasures Exhibit 2020

Several of my pyrographic pieces are in Wood Symphony Gallery's current Small Treasures Exhibit. This is the gallery's annual exhibition of what they describe as "small wood wonders." The guidelines were the pieces could not exceed 6" in any direction. 

The piece featured here (Calico) in the gallery's ad was a collaboration between myself (pyrography and ink), my brother-in-law Mike who turned the piece, and my husband Rick who carved the edges for me.

My collaborative pieces may be viewed on this link, but please take a minute to view all the other wonderful work by the 50 artists—from the United States, Europe, Australia, and South America—that are featured in the show.

Monday, July 6, 2020

AAW Wood Art Auction

This Friday through Sunday, July 10–12, 2020, The American Association of Woodturners will hold their annual symposium. AAW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art and craft of woodturning worldwide through education. This year, the symposium went virtual, as did pretty much all events this year due to the pandemic. This all-online virtual event features live educational woodturning demonstrations, special interest sessions, panel discussions, live auctions, an Instant Gallery, prize drawings for all the virtual attendees (you still need to register to attend), a virtual trade show, and more. Visit the AAW website for more information, a schedule of events, and session descriptions. Remember, it’s all virtual!

On Friday evening, 7:30 EST, AAW will hold their live benefit auction. Pre-auction bidding is going on now and can be viewed on their website. You don’t need to be an attendee to bid. And on Friday, the bidding goes “live” with an auctioneer offering one piece at a time up for auction. I always get butterflies in my stomach listening to the fast talk and the infamous going once, going twice line.

I have a collaborative piece in the auction. Mike turned beautiful box elder burl that I added my pyrographic design to. The piece is 
4.5 x 5 x 5 inches and I named it Reawakening. Take a peek, place a bid!, look at all the other beautiful pieces being auctioned. There are 32 items in the auction.