Sunday, March 3, 2019

Turned and Burned

Mike and Georgianne Jackofsky: A Two-Person Exhibition

Rocky Point, maple burl
Exciting news! Mike and I have a "solo" show with the Wood Symphony Gallery, although that seems a misnomer since there are two of us in the show. It was originally to be a show of just our collaboration pieces, but since we were offered a date so close it became pretty much a split between pieces Mike did alone and pieces he turned that have my pyrography on them. I couldn't burn enough pieces in the time we had to get ready. I have a tendency to get caught up in a lot of detail, and I also love to vary my shading, which takes quite a lot of time as I start light and build up in order to get all the varying shades of color. Hence it went from a "solo" show to a two-person exhibition. But that's okay, because the pieces Mike has included in this show are truly awesome. He specializes in hollow vessels, made from unique burls with thin walls and tiny openings, but for this show he also included some natural edge open bowls, some hollow forms with wings (a few of which I also burned on), and some sculptural forms. I particularly like his olive burl vessel.

Patera, olive wood
Mike is the "turned" part of the title, and I'm the "burned" half! I enjoyed doing pyrography on some of the pieces for this show since they weren't all round bowls, and I even made a copper stand for one of the pieces (Rocky Point, above). I also have to mention that Rick carved an olive wood bowl for me to burn on, which is included in the show. I really sweated over what to burn on that because I wanted to make the design special. The exhibit runs from March 8 - 20, 2019. Click here: Turned & Burned.

Mojave, box elder