Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Musings

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas, New Years' . . . and I'm finally getting another post up. Time sure does fly. I even finished my second knitting project (a cowl for Annalee for Christmas) and am almost done with my third (a stole for me). I can't say I'm an expert knitter yet, not by a long shot. Probably still couldn't even follow a basic pattern, but it is definitely getting easier to knit. Now I'm wondering why it took me so long to learn. Lazy and stubborn, I suppose.

As for my shawl pins and gourds, well, I've fallen a bit behind. Let the ball drop, as they say. I did manage to get a few new things up over the last few days, but I have been so busy burning designs with my handy dandy pyrography machine on the whorls for Rick's Navajo spindles that I haven't been able to pay as much attention to my own etsy shop. I'm having fun, though. I've "met" a bunch of new cyber friends on Ravelry and I've burned some pretty cool designs (if I do say so myself) on the spindles. I am very thankful that we've had so much interest in the spindles recently, though. It has given me and Rick some much needed income and hope in this new year. Things might just be all right.

Rick made a new year's resolution to just do the best he could and hopefully someone out there would appreciate him: Make some wonderful handcrafted items and hope people bought them; make music and hope people listened; be at peace; don't worry. I'm not sure I made much of a resolution myself. I suppose my resolution was just to continue trying to bring some spiritual meaning to my everyday life. Live life with intention. Mindfulness. Be here now. Sounds good, but then something comes up -- my daughters or husband annoy me, I ruin a meal, I break a glass, I stain my shirt -- and I get grouchy. I dedicate myself each morning to trying my best.

The Quakers have a saying that Way will open. I'm sure other religions have similar sayings. Actually the entire saying is Move and Way will open. You need to act on your dream. Take steps. Rick decided to continue pursuing his creative endeavors without worrying about how much or little money we had. His decision to be creative to his fullest abilities (music, spindles, copper bowls, etc.) and do it with the faith that others would appreciate it has definitely made a difference. So far January has been a great month. Full of creativity, new learning, and plain old fun.

Wishing everyone a belated wish for a wonderful rest of this new year.